Monday, September 10, 2012

Valkir Heavy troopers now a reality!

Another stretch goal down!

The Stormtrooper command squads are now available!

We also open up the Valkir Heavy Troopers! A core troop choice for the power armor sets. Still a work in progress, each box will contain 20 heavy troopers with 20 heavy rifles, 5 heavy grenadiers and 5 heavy flamers with enough ammo packs and accessories to load out your 20 man squad for the fight!

This core set will provide many new leg poses and thee main weapon options. The goal of this set is to provide the same flexibility you find in the core Stormtrooper box set for your power armored troops. If you like the designs and trust my design sense then I know you will be thrilled by the final box set.

We also have two more stretch goals available for the heavy troopers, the Support Weapons Squad and the Assault Squad!

You can see more here

 Project update video #1

A great project summary video


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