Friday, December 18, 2009

New Link

I added a new link, I was sadly remiss in not adding it earlier; the Yahoo group Sci-Fi Concepts And Designs. Hosted by the talented JBR; John Bear Ross

Description: This group is a forum for discussion, feedback, and showing off futuristic designs and prototypes made by professional and amateur artists, digital and otherwise. "Hands-on" Artists, 3D Artists, and vendors of prototyping services, CAD/CAM/CNC, and other aspects of production are welcome to post.

Also invited are those of you out there who are interested in turning visions of the future not just into pretty pictures, but models you can hold in your hot little hands.

This is where I and many talented digital artists and sculptors discuss sci-fi and computer aided design for the gaming industry.

Drop in and say hello.

Some work for MERCS

John Bear Ross was stacked with work and very graciously referred his client to me to have some work done.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Tom, Keith and Brian over at MERCS They make stellar miniatures for you 28mm sci-fi fans.
The art they supplied made my job a breeze, as I could see from the highlighting what the curve and angle of each component was meant to be in the design process.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Leviathan Crusader and Mortis update

I'm currently working on a project with a NDA so I cannot discuss it until he does a reveal... To fill the lack of posts I thought I would put up some updated pics of my Leviathan Crusader and Leviathan Mortis. You can see the upper leg and engine details that were not rendered in the last pics I posted.

When I get the chance I will model some extra armor for the Crusader as this mech will be heavily armored and slower than its brother Mortis. The weapon load out for each is different but these pics only have the Crusaders weapons as I need to get right back to my clients project.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Some weapons for Comfy Chair Mechs....

Bob wanted to up size some weapons for his Wolf and Spider Mechs, he sent me some sketches and what I had hoped would be a quick project turned out to take a bit of time. Bob has always been very patient and gracious and even with the unexpected delay he did not break stride. These went off to the printer tonight and I cant wait to see these mounted and ready for combat. You can see the wonderfull mechs these fit on over at John Bear Ross's blog page.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Back at it...

I got side tracked by a few things but I'm back at my customers orders and hope to be back in full swing shortly.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

DreamForge-Games new web site is up

I got tired looking at the old site, so I pushed up the new one...incomplete and with issues... there are some load issues I need to resolve and some broken links that need fixing but it's nice to give DFG a face lift.

Leviathan Crusader

Working on the Leviathan Crusader, I have his feet done as well as the Vulkan cannon. I will work my way up the legs to the torso and head and finally the claw. The feet took about 35 hours to complete because this model can be posed, everything had to be engineered not only with the movement and collision issues in mind but also with how it would need to be broken up for casting.... Very complex and a challenging build. I feel like I deserve an honorary degree from M.I.T.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Khurasan Miniatures - Lion Attack Transport

A look at the printed model, courtesy of Miniature Review, seen in this comparison to a 15mm scale T34/85 tank

Friday, October 16, 2009

Updating some old faves.... Vulkan Cannon

In between all the freelance work I get to work on my products... This is a much more heavily detailed arm and gun for one of the Mechs I'll be making.

Some prints are back from Moddeler

John at Moddeler does some good work, keeps me and my clients happy. Hats off to Comfy Chair.

New client and lots of new quirky models

I had the opportunity to work with Chris at Outland Games.
Chris has a great sense of humor and wanted this reflected in his models.
This was a hard project for my to wrap my mind around because I'm so used to designing with a mind set that its got to look lean mean and 100% killing machine. After some back and forth I realized what he wanted and got to work. The large weapons were supposed to be on tripods and gun mounts but I wanted to add some personality and quirkiness to the design. I envisioned the weapons on robotic mounts that would wobble to the next firing position as its crew scurried to keep pace and rather than complicated fire controls on the back of the weapons, just a big red button labeled DESTROY! ;)
Chris describes his race of "Skins" as funny little aliens that use weapons that look like toys, but they are the baddest fighters around.
Ultimately I enjoyed working on this project and hope to work with Chris again to flush out some more not so serious work.

Comfy Chair stackable building sent off for final approval

Bob wanted a building that you could stack. This design strays a bit from his original concept but I could not help myself from adding architectural details to make something that would look at home in most contemporary cities. You can go from a three story structure to a skyscraper by simply adding more middle floor sections.

Freebie for Comfy Chair

Bob has been such a great client and this model did not take as long as many to design, so I wanted to do something nice for him... Bio-Dome was on the house.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Freelance work for Khurasan Miniatures

This is an APC for Jon over at Khurasan Miniatures, just sent over for final approval.
You can see his drawing and my CAD execution of his design. It's manned by the Felids, a cat like race that are vicious and prone to breaking delicate things so everything needed to be utilitarian and robust.

Friday, October 2, 2009

More freelance for Comfy Chair Games

Comfy Chair is at it again :) This is a pre final sent to Bob for his approval, see attached his original sketch and below my CAD execution of his vision.
Bob is growing quite a product line. JBR created the Wolf, the Spider and soon the Scorpion.... Add to this the Fly and the Cobra.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Freelance work for Comfy Chair Games

I recently had the opportunity to work with Bob over at Comfy Chair Games. He is expanding his miniature line for W.I.L.D. fire, a 6mm mech combat game, and he needed a digital sculptor to flesh out his designs. Normally this is handled by the skilled hands of John Bear Ross (see my feed area to the right), as JBR’s plate is full at the moment he opened up a couple of accounts that were in need of some immediate work.

Here are a couple of examples of the work I completed for Bob at Comfy Chair; I cannot take credit for the designs, only the CAD execution of his vision. You can see the sketches Bob provided and the final CAD models built to his specifications. The building is one of four designs he wanted to produce; they are a clean lined and modern structure of the near future. The mech is the first flying creation in his current line. The other mech designs can be seen over at JBR’s blog page.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Faction Infantry Armor

Some examples of one factions ground troops, in heavy, medium and light armor

Here is an easteregg :) my kickstarter project...