Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW RELEASE! -Eisenkern Panzerjägers-

We are celebrating the release of our Eisenkern Panzerjägers with a sale.
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review of the Valkir Assualt Troopers on Brückenkopf

Christian and Dennis have reviewed my kits before and I must say I really like the format of their reviews. As always, a very in depth review, part layouts, builds, any issues and their thoughts on the kits as well as scale comparisons with other lines.  

Brückenkopf review passed through Google translate. Not a perfect translation, there is a bit of “Google speak” but you should get the main points. I am not going to show everything contained in their review, because a trip to Brückenkopf is always worth a click! 

Ranging From
- . 9 April 2015

 In today's review we take even a kit by Dreamforge games before.

Assemblies of Dreamforge games are a bit more complex, but what usually brings many options and opportunities in the rule. The Valkir form no exception, which already gives a look at the blueprint:



And even though only 1.5-cast frame are included in the kit, but shows an impressive parts density:


Lots of wood for 5 infantry soldiers, time for a closer look.

First some details in close-up:


The last picture shows the only components that bring greater mold lines with it, the other components have only very fine ridges, which can be removed quickly and easily. In addition, the ridge lines were laid in many cases sent to edges along, so they hardly even notice if you should forget it.

The kit comes in addition to two different firearms with three head options for Valkir:

For assembly, we also want to show you some pictures, the beginning of their legs:
Next, the optional loincloths for their turn. This belt sections consist of four parts, two loincloths and two armor plates. Again, there are again several options: You can use the apron, leave them out completely, or replace the plastic parts optional by shield-shaped armor plates. We chose the fabric pieces.



To see all the parts of a belt out together, total, each leg section in our construction of 7 components:


The finished legs:

The torsos are built quickly, the backpacks are again optional, and among them is the back fully modeled:


Interestingly, there is less scope for the poor. There are exactly 10 arms, although you can combine quite freely, at least one pair is predefined but and otherwise, the best route with the standard design. The shields can be omitted if necessary and at any firearm, there are two options.

To see our finished Model before attaching the shoulder pads from:


(As you can see, we have used instead of the supplied Bases GW Bases, Dream Forge Bases otherwise requires ;-)) 

In the shoulder armor there was a small problem: Two of the tanks are mislabeled as-cast frame, which is quite important because of the slightly asymmetric shape of the tank:

Overall, the assembly was no easy matter, the sheer mass of the items and some fitze celled splices (eg the small side armor of the belts) require steady hands. Again, our past experiences continue with Dreamforge: The kits are more aimed at more experienced hobbyists.


To see our models from the end of the assembly:

 And if the question is whether we can equip the models with other minds: Yes, you can!

Click to see Valkir with other manufactures heads

Unfortunately, this classic Space Marine helmet Aquila scheme does not fit into the recess. The Corvus scheme could possibly fit, but since we had no part at hand. However, our examples should show quite clearly how to change the character of the miniatures with other heads.

Size comparison 

This image may not be missing:


If there is currently a company whose sci-fi kits can compete with GW, then these are definitely Dreamforge games. The iron core kits have never disappointed us and the Assault Valkir shine in terms of fit, detail and Guassqualität across the board. The kit is also extremely flexible, comes with many options and can be very varied freely. 

Given these advantages, it is a little disappointing that there are not more poses for arms, here have one / two additional arms may not be harmed. However, this is whining at extremely high levels, even with the existing options are very different poses can be displayed. 

Annoyingly, the error on the cast iron frame itself: Besides the two mismarked shoulder armor was also made in the legs a mistake that was, however, already taken into account in the construction manual. Altogether, just by the legs dry runs before the final bonding in order to avoid mistakes and trouble. 

With 20 euro for the 5 man Valkir are not cheap, they are on line with the Mantic Peacekeepers and extrapolated something. The regular Space Marines GW (10 man for 35 euros) visually and level of equipment would have it, however rather be compared to the elite troops of the Space Marines, which just puts the whole thing again. In terms of the quality offered the kit is money, so we can definitely conclude with a recommendation to buy more than worth this review. 

More Reviews of current Dreamforge innovations will follow soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Unboxing the Eisenkern Panzerjäger of Beasts of War

These have been unloaded off the boat and are on their way to WGF US. They should be available from your retailer mid to late April.

The Panzerjäger are compatible with the male Stormtroopers and the Stormtrooper Accessory Set.