Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stuka Zu Fuss (APC Upgrade)

Sneak peek at the next stretch goal ;)

WIP: The details of the model still will need to be worked out but this should give you a good idea.


  1. I like the vehicle, it's a nice mix of modern design with some ww2 memories. However, the missile pods don't work for me. Please make them more modern looking closed boxes.

  2. I love the upgrade! Time for some serious devastation!

  3. Not quite sold on the rockets.

    Maybe a multi barrel heavy mortar that replaces the crew compartment would be better. An internal mount vertical launch system would be cool as well.

    Then again if it's free.

  4. I like it but I would like to see the attachments to the hull be filled in to allow for magnets for weapon swaps.

  5. I have to agree with Fritsk, they do look a bit like an afterthought, when fired they might damage the rear wheels. I also agree with Lane on a modular setup, swap out the troop compartment for a multiple missile launcher system or better yet heavier turret variations fir squad support, a Hel or nova cannon turret would look awesome. Hate to reference a certain other company's 'trade 10 man capacity for 5 and a heavy weapon' idea, but it's a sound setup and you have a much better looking model!! Can't wait to see how you do tanks and the other factions!

  6. AWESOME! I love your merging of scifi & WWII historical. I wouldn't change a thing... if you did, it wouldn't be a Stuka zu Fuss. The way you have this set up, it would be a breeze to make the overhead arials for a command/scout version or upgun the turret for a support version.

    Now, if you make a StuG... I'll probably go broke & my wife would divorce me.