Monday, September 3, 2012

More great models on the way!

Eisenkern Command Squad:
Two Sniper teams.
Medic and medical MULE.
Forward Observer team with designator and uplink.
Communications officer with field computer and uplink.
Platoon Sargent
Platoon Commander

Extra legs and weapons if you want your troopers on the move.

A Cargo MULE to assign to either your F.O. or your Comms Officer.


4.5” tall  1/100 Scale Leviathan Mortis!

15mm scale weapons!
All the weapon choices previously available to the 28mm scale kits, made available for the 15mm scale Leviathans!

Power armor takes the field!

Eisenkern Heavy Trooper:
(Support Weapons Squad)


(Assault Squad)


(Valkir core troops)


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