Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kickstarter Survey

Yesterday was a day of prepping files, making punch lists and phone calls :)

I don’t have a specific day that the survey will go out but we are looking towards the end of this week, WGF is still working on the coding and looking over the best way to deal with additional pledge amounts if needed.

We will try to have a custom account for each backer that uses either/both your name and or you email to sign into the pledge manager. Your pledge amount will auto fill and if you go over what has already been paid, it will open an option to submit the remaining amount through a PayPal account that WGF is setting up. I have a PayPal account but I would prefer not to use it as WGF will need continual access to the account to verify the revised pledges against what they will have in a database. The pledge manager will remain open and available for a few weeks; we will need to close it down before the items are scheduled to leave China. This will likely be late October (I will update when I have a specific date on this).

Soon after the pledge manager has been made available to the Kickstarter backers, I will open up a pledge manager to handle pledges from those that were unable to participate in the Kickstarter. Participating in the Kickstarter was an issue for some customers that did not have credit cards that could be accepted by Amazon Payments. We are still working on the procedure for this to try and limit abuse.

All the best!


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