Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A look at the Eisenkern APC

I thought I would pass along some shots of the Eisenkern APC. When last you saw the design it was pretty much a roughed in hull, the final version received more details inside and out.

This kit will feature see through window sections so that you may view the interior, movable quad ‘Scorpion’ weapons system that provides enough arc, azimuth and elevation to clear unwanted guests from your doorstep. Linked and movable front suspension, doors and hatches that you may leave open or closed (Due to the scale I could not create full working hinges on the smaller doors and hatches, you may need to decide if you want to glue the smaller doors in the open or closed position, the larger rear hatch has full hinges). The Kickstarter backers will receive the full crew compliment, 10 riflemen, driver and gunner. I won’t know if we can include the ten riflemen in the general release until we know how many sprues we will need to complete the kit.


I was able to shrink the vehicle down a bit from the original render but it is still a BEAST! It is about a foot taller than the modern day Stryker APC but considerably wider and longer. Roughly 3 meters tall, 4.97 meter wide and 10.15 meters long. You won’t be parking this monster in a tight space without smashing a few bumpers.

This vehicle is as heavily armored as a main battle tank, weighing in at over 70 tons in rides on six huge solid tires, each with an independent drive system that allows this vehicle to spin in place, in the same manner as its tracked brethren.

The nose section is taken up by the reactor, this is the same full size reactor found on the Leviathan Crusader and Mortis, allowing the APC indefinite range and access to impressive speed… The reactor in this vehicle is capable of recharging equipment and the super capacitors found on lighter vehicles and Leviathan, in this way, the ‘Keilerkopf’ becomes a central part of any forward unit’s logistics.  Everything you need for planetary conquest.

Even with its monster size, the interior is still a bit cramped, eight riflemen are seated in the rear with just enough room for a trooper to stand, equip and egress. Two riflemen take up the ‘shotgun positions on either side of the APC’s driver and gunner and would likely use the side doors when possible.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bruckenkophf's In Depth Review of the Leviathan Crusader!

Some time back I sent Dennis over at Bruckenkopf the last release of DreamForge kits.

For those of you that don’t know, Bruckenkopf is a premier gaming site over in Germany, they host discussion and review covering all aspects of the hobby. Google translate makes quick work of the site for those of you such as myself, who barely speak our native tongue :)

Last week I sent Dennis an email, asking if he had an opportunity to review the kit, he let me know it would be up in time for the German gaming events circuits that are now making their appearance.

I just wandered over, as I am apt to do, and I was blown away by the review they posted on the Crusader. They said this would be the most comprehensive review in their history… they did not exaggerate…Over 100 pictures and a wall of text, explaining the assembly and his thoughts, good and bad on the Leviathan Crusader.
Here is what Dennis had to say in his closing remarks (translated by Google)
We strive to critical reviews, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the kits, but at best will want nothing struck us out of the stable branches casting / part-approaches some criticism as to the weight. For the Leviathan Crusader we can now certify whether as a supplement to an existing project or as a display model / modeling project, an unqualified buy recommendation.

All I can say is wow! Strap on your google translator and have a look for yourself
Thank you Dennis for such an in depth review!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Leviathan Mortis is now in plastic!

The Leviathan Mortis is now production ready! This was actually the first of the new generation of Leviathan I designed back in 2002... I still have a soft spot for the Mortis.
Unlike the old resin kits the fingers and scythe will remain completely poseable. Just like the Crusader, the Mortis is highly dynamic, arms move, legs move, waist moves.... great fun and ready for some smack down.

When will this hit retail? About 3-4 months, we hope... We will not make this available until all the Kickstarter backers have been shipped and are well on their way. Stay tuned for updates!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

It’s about damn time!

Many of you have seen unpainted or primered shots of the Stormtroopers. Since the release there have been many talented painter working their craft. These are the first set painted for DreamForge-Games.

Most miniature companies will not release a product until it has gone off to the painter and they have some nice shots for advertising…. Oh sure, I could do that... but Kickstarters have a way of turning the ‘proper way of doing things’ on their heads. That’s a bit of an excuse really, if you follow my blog you know I never paint things up :)

Here are a few shots from a very talented painter that is working on some marketing paint jobs for me.


What about stage 2 you ask?

I was hoping we would make some of our lost time up from stage 1 but it appears we will not…. I have seen the Mortis in its component parts but I am waiting on shots of an assembled Mortis from China. The 15mm Crusader is basically completed, I just need to rework the instructions and complete the box art. The other weapon arms are moving right along and I have been told they will be ready soon.

As I get shots of the plastic for stage 2 I will post an update and pics here as well.


Back to work….