Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Revised Female Stormtroopers!

Don’t worry, I was just having a little fun with you and the industry…
On a more serious note; I posted a survey to the KS backers asking if they wanted me to shrink the size of the females at the expense of compatibility between current and future releases such as the Stormtrooper Accessory Set, the Support Weapons set and pretty much anything that is made for the male troopers, it looks like 72%, the overwhelming majority prefer the full size to keep compatibility between current and future releases.

Part of me was really wishing it would not matter and we could tweak on the scale and shoulder width but at $15k per mold I simply cannot promise that the girls would get the support they deserve in the future releases, so it is probably for the best.

It seems the main complaint is the shoulder width, I agree. Unfortunately, the shoulder width is a fixed point that cannot be modified without effecting the kits cross compatibility. With that in mind I want back in and tweaked what I could. I brought the head size down to more closely match the males, pulled the waist in slightly and made the shoulder pads smaller.

Here is a new render of the tweaked female and the original male model, when viewing these it is best to keep in mind that the way the eye perceives a real world object and a flat image is very different. What looks too fat or squat on the screen is likely to look about right when the model is in your hand or on the table. I have made numerous prints and this is always the case. When I approach a model I keep this fact in mind and adjust accordingly.


All the best!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Heavy Support Troopers - Female Stormtroopers - Painted APC and more!

Note: Everything for the stage 3 Kickstarter is now expected in Q3

Iron Core, is no longer just a mans world!

First up, the Eisenkern Heavy Support Troopers, The core kit contents remain mostly the same with the acceptation of some backpack changes for the energy weapons and the multipart optional leg selection.

Here you can see the same options available in the Valkir update with a selection of choices for the leg accessories as well as the helmet choices that will be included in this kit.
Next up, we have some amazing paint work by David Woods, a very talented artist and backer whose brush work will grace the APC box art.

Looking at the feedback, (I always do) there were some who felt the nose looked a bit empty, although the flat armored plate look is what I was going for as it matched the 251 this vehicle is modeled after, I must agree that it looks a bit plain. We have decided to include a few optional items that you may or may not use as you choose when assembling your kit. A grill or nose badges for the armor plate.
As with the APC grill feedback, there was also a great discussion and feedback given in update #122 regarding the female Stormtroopers, many great insight were offered but Jacqualine gave some particularly poignant insight on the subject. As this is the first time you have seen this kit, I will go over it in depth.

There were many changes to the base mesh, most of them very subtle. The best way to compare is to discuss what has changed from the Ada model.

Tilted the Coxis back slightly change the posture.

Pulled in the front crotch to minimize the look of an armored sports cup.

Thinned the waist and gave fuller hips to give a more defined hourglass shape.

Removed the web harness belts from the torso as they blocked out the shape too much.

Lowered the rear thigh armor and gave the posterior more of a fuller heart shape. The leg torso ratio was also adjusted to help emphasize the female form.

Changed the chest armor to remove the sternum plate.

Pulled the sternum in slightly below the chest armor to accentuate the transition between chest and waist.

More detail in the hair

Changed out the shoulder plates with the Kriegsmarine, they are smaller and the smooth shape helps minimize shoulder bulk.

Aside from the change in the chest armor and shoulders the most drastic change is one that would not be evident in these renders. I made them the same size as their male counterparts. This was a decision that I wrestled with for some time before deciding it was the only course of action if I wanted to have these fully integrated with the line. By making them the same size, you can swap parts from the current kits to these and vice-versa. There are some nice weapon options in this kit that I know some of you will want to use for your male counterparts. It also gave me the opportunity to future proof the release with other Eisenkern kits and accessory packs not yet created. If you want the ladies to serve as Stormtroopers instead of Special Forces, swap the helmets and shoulders with the Stormtroopers and you are good to go!

I will now go into the kit and some of the available options, please not that I have not put a quantity on these yes but I know I will need to limit some options, you cannot have ten of every weapon and head as the sprue count will skyrocket. If you have a preference (count) for a specific item I am always willing to listen.

We have talked about the armor and small tweaks, but what about their weapon choices… These are Special Forces, as such they have access to the latest and greatest tech available.

Starting at the top and working down:

Plasma Rifle: A heavy capacitor rifle, it fires a projectile containing a plasma charge, shortly after the projectile leaves the gun, its protective shell burns away and the projectile superheats to the point of plasma (matter on the verge of energy). On impact, the shot imparts both kinetic and massive energy damage to its target. This is the primary tank hunting weapon of the Black Widows.
SAW: here we have a proper Squad Automatic Weapon, not just a rifle with a high capacity magazine. You cannot kill a tank, if you cannot get in range…. This light infantry weapon will buy you the time needed to maneuver to your target.
Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher: This is the most common weapon used by the Black Widows. A smaller overall length with a full size magazine the rifle is only slightly less effective than the Stormtrooper battle rifle. Where this weapon shines is the Grenade launcher, firing thermite bombs it can decimate a 2 meter area with enough heat to melt a lightly armored vehicle or destroy power armor.
Assault Rifle: This is the base Assault Rifle, primarily used by insertion teams or MOS that require more maneuverability or a lighter load.

As with the core Stormtrooper kit, each weapon has three positions (Yes, you can use these directly with the male Storm Trooper kits as well).

Here we have a selection of heads, slouch caps, helmeted without mask and helmeted with the same options fount in the other Stormtrooper kits to allow full compatibility. (Yes, you can use these directly with the male Storm Trooper kits as well, although the full helmeted heads may be best J

Here we have the leg selection, some of these poses will be mirrored to provide more diversity. I tried to include a couple of new poses in this kit. After studying Special Forces vids and some shots of real world operators doing their job, I noted a fairly specific form, ‘hunched over, knees together while moving’. When the position is especially hunched, you will need to shave a little plastic off the bottom of the neck ball to get it to fit as it should, I will illustrate this in the instructions, it is a very minor tweak and with the options to use and head or helmet there was no easy way to solve this issue in the base model.

Here are a couple Ortho view shots so that you can see the models without fisheye distortions, as with the male models they range in height from 20mm to 30.5mm to the eyes.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The very talented David Woods takes on the Eisenkern APC

Some time ago David Woods voiced his excitement over the Eisenkern APC. I recently received a couple of T1 test shots to go over from Wargames Factory China and immediately thought of David when thinking about who should paint one for the box art.

I contacted David and was very pleased to hear he would paint one up for me. Shipping to the UK went well and David, being a very seasoned modeler dove right in without assembly instructions. We had a chance to talk and I was able to quickly take a few screen shots of an exploded kit in Rhino to aid with some of the more complicated assemblies but I have my doubts that he would have needed them.

He will not be painting up the crew, as the crew is in mold cut as we speak and it would take far too long to paint up twelve infantry to David’s exacting standards.

You can view David’s blog to see how the assembly and paint work is going

Needless to say I am very excited to have him working on this project. Thank you David!