Friday, May 27, 2016


I am pleased to announce two new releases.

The limited edition 54mm (1:28 scale) Valkir Assault Trooper display model.
If you are a painter or a collector, this limited edition display model is for you.
Standing nearly 3” tall on the base, it will provide a wonderful canvas for you to showcase your skills.
This model is 1:28 (56mm) Scale
This kit includes a single Valkir Assault Trooper; a round 60mm base and two weapon choices. You can equip the trooper with an assault pistol or grenade launcher.
 MSRP $25.00


and the
15mm (1:100) scale Leviathan Capacitor Cooler.
This kit is NOT hot swap, you must choose to use this accessory at the time that you build the main kit.

15mm (1/100) scale Leviathan accessory, the Capacitor Cooler replaces the oil stacks on the back of the Leviathan Mortis and Crusader, allowing the machines a steadier flow of power but sacrificing the ability to overcharge the reactor.
MSRP $9.00
We also had a major restock on the 15mm scale Leviathan weapon arms....
Now on to the sale- Now until May 31st, select kits are up to 50% off!
I know... cray-cray right!?
When we took over distribution in October we took over the existing inventory for WGF, we were low on stock on some items and overstock on others. I have decided to equalize my stock levels and turn some of that into liquidity. Best way to do that is to move the overstock and pass a great deal to my customers.
I hope you enjoy the new releases and have a wonderful holiday!