Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Roughing in Ada

Here you can see Ada as a WIP, she looks a little thick but trust me, when she is made into a real world object she will appear trimmer. It’s just one of those things about the translation from CAD to a physical model, what looks right on the screen will look too thin when you have it in your hands.

I have tried not to make the model too effeminate, no chainmail bikinis here, these are soldiers! I tweaked the profile, the hips are wider, the feet are smaller the shoulders more narrow and she is slightly smaller overall when compared to the male stormtroopers.

I will post more later as she nears completion.


  1. So happy she doesn't have silly unrealistic boob chestplate.

    Looks great so far!

  2. Will you be using the male arms, or would these look too bulky?

  3. Very nice, I like the real world soldier look. Far better than pneumatic babe in a g-string look of a lot of mini suppliers. She looks serious enough to take out on a leviathan! Looking forward to seeing the gun modelled!!!