Thursday, September 13, 2012

Last few days of the Kickstarter!

At 11:45 US Pacific time, the Kickstarter will come to a close.

This Kickstarter has grown into a fairly complicated beast… you have my apologies.

As time went on we had many customer requests to add specific items. If it was within my means to do so, I have offered these items as part of this Kickstarter. Although the Eisenkern faction will now have a fairly complete product line, it has not made the layout very easy to understand. The best way to wrap you mind around the extensive offer is to use the online calculator as your guide.

Still not backing this project or confused by the number of items offered? The calculator is your friend! It will auto fill the free items that have been offered throughout the Kickstarter campaing and get you on your way to receiving some great plastic model kits.

Not sure where to drop your pledge?

Pledging for multiple items?

Drop it in the –CATCH ALL PLEDGE- box, just be sure to enter the correct total for all the items you are backing.

When the Kickstarter ends we will send out a survey to collect the information of what Items you were backing.

Once again, Domestic and International backers, please be sure to use the online calculator to total out your order and get the expected shipping dates for the items you wanted to back.

We will confirm this against your total pledge and the information you provide us in the final survey.


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