Monday, July 7, 2014

Assembled Valkir Assault Trooper

In the last update I showed you shots of the sprues that China kindly provided me.

This afternoon I received A few copies of the T1 shots and dove right in. This was the first figure I assembled because I have a test print available for comparisons. It went together with no fussing and I can honestly say it is better than my dusty test print.

I was so pleased with the early T1 that I needed to take some shots and post an update.

The only issue I found was the fill on the commander’s sword, they are aware of this issue and adjusting the runner to deal with it.

Through this week, as time allows I will assemble a squad of Assault and a squad of Support troopers in their normal states as well as in a few of the optional states to show the Stahl helm and tabard/equipment options.


And because I know someone will ask....


  1. Mark, these look great. I have one (constructive?) criticism though - the mold line across the top of the helmet is going to be nearly impossible to remove without destroying the crenellations on the helmet. If the sprue could be adjusted so the mold line hit the helmet bilaterally, the problem would be solved. Admittedly, I may be the only person that would care. Very much looking forward to these regardless!!!

  2. That's not a mold line :) The helmet is split side to side on the mold and the real mold line, which is not visible, runs down the center. right in the center flute.Think of it like you would a two part visor on a Medieval closed helm.

  3. Ooh, exciting, they're getting closer... :)
    Are you getting nearer to nailing down a street date?

  4. i like these, and i normaly dont like grimdark style stuff.

  5. Modhail, not yet, I find the dates shift to much to be given with any certainty. I will post when they are on the water, after that it will be about six weeks before your FLGS would have them.

    1. Great, thanks for the quick response. I can appreciate the moldmaking, and it's surprises, making it hard to predict a finish line. But me and my wallet are patient... ;-) I'd rather wait a bit longer and have the best product you can make, than something rushed to meet an (imaginary/self-imposed) deadline.
      I'm quite content with a "it's done when it's done".