Thursday, July 17, 2014

Valkir Heavy Support Troopers (Full Squad)

When the Valkir need some extra muscle, they call on the Valkir Support squads to do the heavy lifting.

Here we can see the five Valkir Support Troopers that will be included in the box set.

Here we have mash up of Support Trooper/ Assault Trooper and the Stahl helm with a changed configuration of the tabard with ammo packs.


  1. When can I give you more money?

  2. Best guess as of today-Late October early November for a street date.

  3. Please release the weapons as an upgrade kit! I can't justify buying the whole unit, but absolutely love the guns!

  4. They are all on the same sprue, so no chance for a separate release. Keep your eye on the bits sellers on Ebay for parts.