Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Valkir Assault Troopers (Full Squad)

Today I had an opportunity to assemble a five man Valkir Assault Squad. My apologies for the out of focus guns on a few images but my camera skills are wanting. I think I will try manual focus next time and see where that gets me.



  1. So can I buy those from you? On a real note can not wait to have them in my hands for real. :) ps. If you are selling them I know a lot of people would be interested.

  2. LOVE the pose on the first one (sword behind the back).

  3. As regards out of focus use a tripod and a slower shutter speed ;) i use around a 10 second shutter speed or longer for photographing jewelery to keep everything in focus. loving these minis by the way :)

  4. When are they up for sale? I may have to get a squad for my Legion of the Damned...