Thursday, July 3, 2014

Valkir Assault and Support Trooper Sprue Shots

I am very happy to show you some previews of the Heavy Trooper ‘Valkir Assault’ and ‘Valkir Support’ sprues. These are T1, so there will be some cleanup and adjustments made before they are production ready.

Wargames Factory China is sending me some T1’s for assembly so I hope to have some shots late next week of some assembled Valkir heavies.

The 20 man Valkir set is still in milling. The APC add-on kits, the Command Squad and the female Stormtroopers are still in engineering for mold split.
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  1. YES! Looking good!
    I hope you'll have smooth sailing to final production tooling.
    I didn't expect their shields to be so deeply contoured, though, I'm curious how they'll look and feel in the flesh.

  2. I keep throwing money at the screen, but nothing happens...

  3. Can't wait until they hit retail!

  4. Nicely packed sprues. Not 50% air like a certain other "big name" retailer. ..

  5. Yep I need to get a 2nd job to throw more money at you guys....