Saturday, January 11, 2014

Eisenkern Stuka Zu Fuss APC Upgrade

Estimated retail release, Q2-2014
The Stuka Zu Fuss, nicknamed the walking stuka or bellowing cow makes an unmistakable sound when fired

Primarily an anti-infantry or anti structure weapon. It can fire six extremely large high explosive or incendiary charges. Spin stabilized, the rockets are not as accurate as conventional artillery and reloading is time consuming due to the rocket's weight. Rockets are ripple-fired in large numbers where feasible to quickly saturate a target.

The Wurfrahmen 40 is in service as a support weapon for the mobile Panzer formations, particularly in urban areas.


  1. AWESOME!! I am so happy I ordered a set in the kickstarter!

  2. Is there by chance an ETA on this APC and the upgrade for general purchase online by chance? :)