Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jon Paulson (Mecha Front) Is taking Pre-Orders

Our friend Jon Paulson has been busy at work on a new 15mm scale mech. His newest incarnation of walking baddies is the Lynx. that stands 75mm high!.

I have known Jon for some time now, not only is he a great guy, I can tell you he takes great care in his castings.

The first run of 100 will be in resin, If it is not up to snuff it will not go out the door. The man loves his work and it shows.

You kind find these wonderful kits and others at Mecha Front

From his site:

This is a pre-order item.

In order to fund this item I need to sell 25 copies of the model. Once I have all 25 pre-order slots filled it head out for printing and molding. This process will take aproximately 30 days from the point that funding is achieved.

I will accept pre-orders until Feb 15th (or until all 25 slots are filled) If the project does not fund by the the 15th I will refund all pre-orders purchases in full.
Any additional models (such as the raptor or goshawk) that are ordered at the same time as this item will not ship until the lynx itself ships out.
The Lynx is the standard medium class mecha utilized by NorAm Forces. 
The Beta configuration is armed with 4 medium auto cannons.
Measures aproximately 75mm.

Model is made from resin and is supplied unpainted and unassembled. A total of 10 pieces and includes a 60mm base.

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  1. MechaFront is looking really cool. If only shipping to the UK wasn't so cripplingly awful - especially when you include customs duty - these mechs would all be at the top of my 2014 shopping list.