Friday, August 17, 2012

Kickstarter supporters widgets

Here are a few widgets for anyone who would like to support the DreamForge-Games Kickstarter project. You don’t need to be a contributor to help out....

Just copy and paste to your desktop and use them anywhere you would like (please be considerate)

If you would like to make these click links; refer to this url

Here are the codes most sites will accept it will create the Leviathan widget. Use it in your sig, on your blog or anywhere you think would help spread the news...


Copy and paste into your sig.... and you will have a pic of the above with a link to the Kickstart

I made these so that you could add the image to your forum signatures when you visit game sites, but I am sure that there may be other ways to help spread the news.Thank you for your help and your support!

In my ramblings across the interweb I found this, a wonderful page created by a fan and blogger. Pins of war

And this, a vid review of the smaller scale fixed pose kit. on YouTube

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