Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stormtroopers now available on Kickstarter!

We are now offering the Eisenkern Stormtroopers on Kickstarter.
These will be injected styrene plastic models.
So, has anything changed with these figures when compared to the metal minis?

Yes….I reworked the legs, adding a very slight amount of thickness, the helmet is also, just ever so slightly larger with more defined details in the face mask. The backpack is now a separate component and I did some major overhauls on the arm poses, adding the “at the ready” pose for all weapons and tucking the elbow under for the shoulder fired pose to better simulate the modern firing stance. I also added quite a few new leg poses. The old set had seven, including the kneeling. The new set will have twelve poses and an extra set of four kneeling legs that you can choose to use if you desire. There is also a much larger selection of weapon/arm poses to choose from, all in all, some great improvements.
I hope you enjoy the new pledge options!

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