Friday, August 24, 2012

Kickstarter Exclusive!

Wai Kee Hui, the owner of WGF and manufacturer, is as excited about this project as I am. He has graciously offered to produce a Kickstarter special item as a way to say thank you to the supporters. All backers at the $20.00 level or above will receive an exclusive 28mm figure of a Feral Shadokesh and Handler.

The Shadokesh are the mortal enemies of the Eisenkern faction. The first human contact with the Shadokesh was made by a delegation from Eisenkern. The Shadokesh met with the human delegation, studied them and when they were satisfied they were of no use to the Shadokesh Empire they were violently dispatched. The Dhar-Hazier were given a similar reception over seven hundred years before. The outcome was quite different, the Shadokesh were forced to re-evaluate the danger this race may pose to the Shadokesh Empire. The Dhar-Hazier have now been at war with the Shadokesh for 753 years.

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