Saturday, June 18, 2011

Playing with poses

I am still deciding on how to approach the prints, do I pose and print the complete mini or print components and pose them afterwards with a combination of traditional sculpting and digital sculpting... So much to consider, perhaps the $$-cost will dictate my decision for me?
While I roll this around in my noggin, here is another test shot with assorted poses. Note the change to the rifle to bring it more in line with an MG42 profile. Back when these were designed in 2001, the whole “Weird War” and greatcoats thing was not so prevalent. I am torn about the design as it seems a bit “been their done that” but I still want to have a core troop set that is easily identifiable as a major, cultural faction, in this case sci-fi Germany. Perhaps I could go a bit nuttier with the heavier armor?

Here is an old sketch with the HALO pack attached.

What’s your thoughts?


  1. Great sculpts!

    I am really looking forward to seeing when these are produced. Would it be easier to cast in components with Ball and Socket joints on a sprue or similar?

    Personally I would love to see a number of different poses. I don't mind if legs and torsos are one piece in some cases as it makes it easier to assemble and get the models onto the table for those with limited time.

    Different Weapons and or riot/body shields and battons would be cool also.

    Your work is incredible. I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. You have picked a great time to do so with so much rage over GW's policies and pricing it will hopefully make it easier for you to be competitive and get your models onto the gaming tables.

    Happy Sculpting!


  2. I like the armor, personally. If these were in a comparable scale to imperial guard and had the weapons as separate components from the arms, I'd probably be in for 50 or so. The more customization for the poses on the gamer's end, the better!

    Oh, and please don't make the legs presculpted to a base! Let us be able to decide what base we want to use, if we chose to deviate from what you provide.

  3. I'd say more individual pieces myself, as I'm a big fan of being able to convert minis without it becoming a nightmare.

  4. Generally, more dynamic and action packed poses tend to be more entertaining, more alive.

  5. Legs and body can be one piece, but I'd keep arms separate. I second the 'no integral base' request. In the end I think you will have to balance out price vs how pose-able you can make them.

    The new gun is spectacular, by the way.

  6. My 2cents, go with ease of casting in mind. Multiples is great for plastic or resign but for pewter can be a nightmare.Also I think heavier armor is a must. The legs are kinda "thin " for prototyping/casting. IMO. Besides I like heavier armor anyway. :-) they look great overall and the design work is superb (as usual).

    Best of luck to ya!

  7. The fact is that most gamers want that multi-part fig. It can certainly present quite a challenge. Are you going for a 28mm heroic on the scale?

  8. If the heads and weapons will be separate and the scale will be Heroic 28-30mm these will be great!

  9. Thanks for the feed back everyone! I am making revisions based on your suggestions