Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kits have started shipping from the caster!

Good news; I was just told that 12 models shipped from the caster today, I should have them in a couple of days.

They expect to be able to stay on the revised schedule within a day or two either way. The production manager stated, that although the first few kits took longer than expected, they now have things flowing much smoother and have a system that seems to be keepings things at a good clip.

In anticipation of the arrival and shipping to my customers I have uploaded the Leviathan Crusader instructions to the DFG website and fixed the links for the weapons instructions.

You can view the Crusader instruction by clicking the image below.

Once I recieve the kits I will be working as fast as I can to get them out the door...


  1. That is fantastic news!I'll have to peruse the instructions to distract me from being too anxious!

  2. I have seen the kit first hand. You are getting far more than you paid for. This is, without question, the most amazing model kit I have seen in my 25 years of hobbying -- in or out of the tabletop world.

    The arms are articulated, the gun spins freely and the quick swap arms are stable and ingenious. Don't buy one... buy two!