Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I just noticed that John over at Moddler is using the Dictator model I made for Khurasan on his splash page.
I let myself get a little tickled over this because John has some real talent from other artist, ala-Zbrush, in his portfolio pictures and I'm pleased I made the cut.  Jon over at Khurasan should have this monster available soon, so keep your eyes on his web page.

Just a bit about, the man who makes my 3D models into real world objects:

John Vegher does all my 3D prints, he offers great service at a great price.... I know because I have shopped around. In John's last career, he ran a Emmy winning visual effects house and was a founding member of Giant Killer Robots and Pixel Liberation Front.

If you ever need a 3d model made into a real world object, I recommend you put Moddler on your short list of service providers.


  1. congrats! it is a mighty fine model! can i buy one yet?

  2. I don't have a release date on this.... Its something I did for Khurasan Miniatures. I know hes close but he would be the person to ask ;)

  3. hey, would you be up for a podcast interview?

  4. At this point I am just waiting for the painter to get it done for display.

    Hey Mark, finish up that Leviathan so we came make some more stuff for Moddler's splash page! ;-)