Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MERCS minis

The gents over at MERCS were kind enough to comp me a set of figures. I did the cad work on the weapons for these bad boys.

All I have to say is AMAZING! the pictures just don't give them the props they deserve. The dynamic poses, the level of detail are just mind blowing. I have seen ForgeWorld minis up close and they are quite nice, but they are also resin, and resin is more capable of capturing the fine details. These minis are all metal and so detailed that I doubt my painting skills are up to the task.

Hats off to all the boys at MERCS for some incredible minis!

I must thank JBR for having the opportunity to work with this client... I know it must have pained him to pass on the job.

1 comment:

  1. MERCS minis make great assassins for 40k. :) I have to agree with you, the pictures don't do them justice.