Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leviathan WIP

I just had to send out a little tease....

Here are some rather blurry shots of the model. I really need to get a new camera. I have taken better pictures with a phone :)

These shots have the Reaper head in the chassis. everything is just dry fit so please excuse the gaps between components but you can get an idea of the scale of the torso compared to the wonderfully sculpted but poorly shot MERCS mini.

When I get a chance and a better camera, I'll throw up more pics.


  1. Squeeee!
    Looking wonderful. Going to have to brush up on my airbrush skills for this one me thinks.
    How long are we looking at for release? From the looks of it I'd say you've got as far as a successful cast :)

  2. Thaaaat's way larger than I thought it was going to be. Color me intriguied.

  3. YES! This has made my morning...

  4. Thanks everybody!

    Ben no date yet... I will update here when I have something firmed up.

    I'm thinking about going with some white metal for the hydraulics? just to give it some strength and help deter re-casters.

    I'm also thinking about having two versions.

    One modeler grade, that is completely poseable with all the components separate as shown in the component print pics.

    One gaming grade, that has some components joined into full assemblies; like the legs to provide strength and easy assembly for the gamer... They can be rough on their toys :)

    What do you think? unnecessary or a good idea?

    All the best,

  5. Looks great, good to know your back in business ;-)

    Two versions:
    + Gamers don't have to do as much work as with a modeler grade one.
    - It's confusing, people are stupid, even gamers. Might impact sales if folks are confused on which model to get.
    + Simpler model, less components, less casting, maybe cheaper (?).
    - Might hold less detail, that might impact potential customers when they see your gamer edition and don't like the lack of detail.
    - More models, means more molds, means more work, and as a result might increase the amount of errors (parts of different kits gets mixed). Less happy customers.

    I would use one for gaming and would probably still buy the modeler grade, I like my options and if I'm buying an already expensive kit, I don't mind paying a little extra for more details/options. More modeling is just part of the price we pay as dedicated wargamers ;-)

    I'm not to happy with hybrid kits, bonding might be an issue. If a Resin component is bent, you can generally straighten it out with some heated water or a hair blower. A lot of the metal used in today's models is rather brittle and it's not the first time that bending would either break or 'tear' the bent metal part. Re-casters won't flinch at recasting metal, they do it with lots of lines (Battletech miniatures is one well known example).

    Any idea on the price range?

  6. the two options sound good but what type of movement are we talking about for the modelers grade ??? if its like the armourcast walkers with nuts and bolts it should be great and even wargamers would want one for the ability to aim at what they are shooting, also i was hoping the first kit would come with the extra armour parts ???

    best of luck and hoping it comes out soon !

  7. I'd say make it clear on which version is which. I mean how complex will the "modeller's version" be? I guess the "gamer's version" will be almost put together and unable to convert. But yeah, how much you looking at price-wise when your ready to start casting and selling?

  8. How can we purchase models from you guys ... I see nothing actually for sale yet?

  9. Thanks for the input everyone!

    Mechgrinder: The legs would be a solid cast rather than components... just to give it some strength.

    GarageMage: Date and price I don't have yet. The casters need a complete kit to quote me on.

    LoE: Still working on prep and molds... I will announce the availability and price here when I know.