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Valkir Support Troopers - Another amazing review by Brückenkopf

Christian over at Brückenkopf supply’s us with another amazing review. This time they are reviewing the Valkir Support Troopers .
Thank you again Christian and Brückenkopf for another great review!

As with every Brückenkopf review, tons of pictures and a well thought out review. I ran the review through Google Translate so that you might read the review as well. Google does a pretty good job but it not perfect, there will be some reading between the lines here and there but its pretty easy to understand.

Please pay them a visit and say hello Brückenkopf Review

Today we take another kit of Dreamforge Games under the microscope.

At a glance:

 Manufacturer: Dream Forge Games

 Product: iron core Valkir Support Troopers

 Price: 22,00 EUR (5 man)

 Material: Hard Plastic

The Support Troopers expand the range of Valkirs to another kit.  The Valkirs is the heavily armored "knight Warriors" the iron core soldier, presently there for you three kits, one of which we already Assault Troopers in an earlier review had come under scrutiny.
 The cast frame
Today, we start again with the cast frame.  The box contains a half-cast frames that are filled to the brim:

 Numerous items, which we'll discuss later.  First, it is time for a look at the details:


 Once again, the parts are cast absolutely sharp and full of detail.  The casting quality of support Troopers is at first glance at the level of Dreamforge already well-known, high.

  The assembly

  At the beginning of our building report, we take a look at the blueprint:


 Sometimes a little small and simple, but on the whole, all options will be sufficient well explained.  The main problem is once again that even with the support Troopers again parts were mislabeled in the cast frame.  Fortunately, the error affected only the numbers, the letters, which are assigned to the parts of a weapon / pose, were correct.


 First, we have rebuilt the legs also here:


 This was followed by the torsos:



 This was followed by the most difficult part: the weapons poses.  Show falls on the many small bits that assembly into a relatively complex action machen.Wie already earlier kits the iron core series are also Valkir Support Troopers rather a kit for advanced hobbyists.



 After gluing we obtain the following upper body:



 On the legs that looks like this (we even other bases used that match the rest of the army):


 This was followed by the shoulder pads and the heads (there are three designs to choose from) and at the end saw the models as follows:




 The size comparison  

 Of course, this should not be missed:


 As you can see, the fall Valkirs massive than the normal iron core Trooper, but as the Space Marines of GW since Snapfit Navy shown here have grown little, they offer themselves as proxies to absolutely.

 The Conclusion
Even with the support Troopers provide Dreamforge Games once again from a very high quality and excellently crafted kit.  The pieces fit together all problems, the mold lines are weak and can be removed quickly.  The assembly is characterized by the many small parts relatively complex, but the precision fit mitigates this issue somewhat.


 The poses of the Support Troopers are quite rigid and largely fixed at least in the upper bodies, in view of the over heavy weapons but this is more comprehensible than the Assaut Troopers, where slightly more poses and options would have been much more important.  That each weapon only once in the box is, on the one hand a pity, another solution would be due to the many parts and the associated space requirements to cast frame but not have been possible.  As the box is priced fair with 22 euros, provides in doubt, also a duplicate purchase.  

 So the conclusion is even more positive, and all those who Marines or other heavily armored Sci-Fi are troops on the lookout for old Natien Space, can strike without hesitation at the Valkirs.

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