Monday, July 27, 2015

Two New Releases, Gencon Sale and BOW teases Mechanicus week

August sees two new releases for the Keilerkopf APC! Preorders will be accepted starting July 30th, to coincide with our Gencon sale.

THOR APC UPGRADE -  28mm (1/56) scale


*The Thor upgrade will fit the base Keilerkopf APC or the Odin Loki AFV variants (not included). The kit includes six rocket pods that mount three per side on the vehicle hull. This kit may be added to an existing APC or AFV at any time.


◦ Six rocket pods

The Thor upgrade, gained its name from the tremendous noise and damage created when a salvo strikes its target, as if Thor’s hammer had been pounded on the unfortunate target.

Perfect for dealing with entrenched infantry or pesky fortifications. Each rocket may be fired as an individual shot or as a salvo of six high explosive or incendiary rockets. Due to the reload time in the field, these are loaded to specification before battle.


ODIN – LOKI APC CONVERASION  28mm (1/56) scale


*The Odin - Loki APC conversion will fit the base Keilerkopf APC (not included). The kit includes a detailed interior replacement for the APC and the barrel and shell components required to create either the Odin or the Loki AFV. This kit must be assembled as either an Odin or Loki variant at the time the APC is assembled. Due to the width and placement of the new interior components it will not be possible to add this to an already assembled Keilerkopf APC.


◦ Highly detailed interior for the APC

◦ Tilting barrel assembly and specific shell carrier for both the Odin and Loki variants

◦ Spotter and Gunner crew members

The Odin conversion, aptly named for the Norse god Odin, ‘the god of thunder’. The massive main gun throws an immense high explosive round down range with considerable destructive potential.


The Loki conversion, takes its name from the Norse god Loki ‘the trickster’. A quick view of the vehicle from a distance may lend the observer to dismiss the vehicle as a personnel carrier, a deadly mistake. This AFV is armed with a high caliber anti-tank gun capable of swiftly dispatching heavily armed vehicles from a great distance.  



As many of you know Gencon starts July 30th, we will be having a Gencon sale starting on the 30th and running to August 15th. The entire store will receive a 30% discount! The 28mm Leviathan Mortis and Crusader, as well as their weapon swaps will receive a 40% discount to help you prep for the BOW Mechanicus VLOG.



BOW is prepping for a new Mechanicus week with a few friends of ours! See the discussion and some primered and posed Leviathan Crusaders at about 53:40 on their weekender. To help you prep, we are discounting our 28mm Leviathans and their weapon arms by 40% starting on July 30th and running to August 15th.


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