Monday, November 17, 2014

The Panzerjägers (10 female tank hunters)

All of the components can be used with the male Stormtroopers, so you can mix your squads and equipment. The original intent was to make a specific squad, the Black Widows. It seemed appropriate to use this opportunity to create a military Special Forces branch that could represent not only the Black Widows but Special Forces within the Eisenkern faction.

Using the most advanced equipment and training these ladies (and men, with a little part swapping) are ready for the front lines.


Scale Comp. Valkir, Male and Female troopers.
My best guess is that we will have Stage 3 shipping to the backers, mid to late December.

All the best!


  1. Very nice kit!
    I'm especially impressed that even the helmeted figures clearly register as female. Just from pose and bodyshape, without having to rely on high-heeled combat boots, bare midriff or panzerbra like some other companies need to do for their "wimmen" figures. Very nice sculpting!

    When will non-backers (I unluckily missed out) be able to get their hands on the wave 3 stuff?

  2. Great set I can't wait to get it - when will it be available in the UK

  3. They look great & definitely female without sexualizing them. I can't wait for them to be available for Australia.

  4. It used to be its not. Very strange.

    1. They have been OOS for about three months... The latest post on this blog goes over why and what is next :)