Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Eisenkern APC/Gun Carriage Zeus and Loki

Here we have the Eisenkern APC variant Zeus and Loki.
Zeus the god of thunder is a fitting name for the APC equipped with a large caliber siege gun.
The second variant, named after Loki the god of mischief seems equally apropos.

This kit was offered to the Kickstarter backers and I am pleases to say the Loki variant will be included in the Zeus APC kit.

Estimated release Q2 2014


*The crew and spent shell casings were not included in these renders.


  1. Fantastic looking models. Any idea of the rrp ?

  2. How about a half-track variant? ;)

  3. Mark,

    If you can make a simple APC look as good as this!

    Perhaps you could come up with a walker to rival anything from Dust tactics. Would fit very nicely with the whole aesthetic you have achieved for the Eisenkern

    I guarantee that you would sell a ton of them!

  4. @Bruce: No RRP set yet, I need to see how many sprues the kit requires.

    @ Gary: I would love to make a track option.

    @ Wolfgang: Look under the foot of the Leviathan Mortis (box art) for that answer ;) you can see the start of the design in a post all the way back in 2009 I have done more work on that kits and hope to release it while we are waiting for the Rules to be completed.

  5. Mark,
    Thanks for the heads up!

    Does that mean that we are likely to see the B lack Widow variant of the walker in the non too distant future ???

    Would look forward to that!

  6. Man, the more and more I see of Dreamforge products the more modeling idea that pop into my head. True plastic crack in the making here.