Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brueckenkopf is back! This time with a review of the 15mm Leviathan Crusader

Just one day later and Christian over at Brueckenkopf has another review! These guys are animals :) I don't even have one of these painted up yet...
This is the first full review I have seen on the 15mm line. The review kit was graciously provided to Brueckenkopf by Alex of fantasyladen.de 


As per usual a very detailed review. Dennis walks you through the box contents


His build


Doh! A miscast part….

Some fun with range of motion.

Some great paint work.

The ubiquitous comparison shots.

And a wonderful summary and buy recommendation.
So head on over to Brueckenkopf to read the full review and see all 47 photos.

Hats off to Breukenkopf, and Christian for yet another incredible review and to fantasyladen.de for providing the kit. Thank you both!  


  1. Do you understand German? The review is mostly positive, the only remark is that some thing in the instructions are difficult to understand and some parts are too dark in the instruction

  2. Yep I caught that, the instructions looked dark to be as well.

  3. Having just built a 15mm one, I also found the instructions a bit dark, and somewhat confusing at times. I think a nice instructional video might help with some of the parts. There is one online for the 28mm, but not the 15mm. Of particular troublesome steps for me were...#14 and #28. At lot of attention needs to be spent on test fitting and seeing which parts rotate before assembly. It's a great kit (though I think some parts could be cast as a single piece instead of nearly a dozen), but definitely takes care and time to assemble.

    Here's my little overview with more scale shots for anyone who is interested!