Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Special sale price on 15mm and 28mm scale Leviathan Crusader

I am running a deep discount sale on the Leviathan Crusader; 15mm and 28mm through February 28th

The 28mm scale Crusader $75.00

The 15mm scale Crusader $33.00
* The additional weapons arms for this kit are expected in Q2 of this year.



  1. Congratulatons Mark.

    You have certainly rattled GW's cage enough for them to copy your Leviathan concept with the soon to be releases Knight Titan.

    That should tell you all you need to know, and in fact proves what a great product you have.

    Perhaps you could design a walker with an Eienkern pilot and also out do Dust Tactics too.

    Keep up the good work.

    More Eisenkern to come I hope.

  2. GW Kuh-nigget for $140 and preorder. Dreamforge Leviathan for $75, and now.

    Is is this even a contest? ;)


  3. Er.. its the other way around. Imperial Knights date back a good 20 years in GW lore.

    1. I know my friend. I am a forty something who happens to live twenty minutes walk from Gw's World headquarters in Lent on Nottingham. I am a collector and own the first ever plastic kits ever released under Citadel miniatures- plastic skeletons and the very first space marines. GW didn't exist back then.

      My point- GW has never had them available in 28mm scale. It took them to look at what Mark had fantastly achieved without the years of experience they have had with plastic to realise they are becoming more out of touch with what people want or can be achieved.

      I have seen just how out of touch GW had become over the years by getting to talk to the guys who matter but, whose opinion becomes muted.

  4. Ya know, I've seen quite a few posts defending the idea that GW had this concept for over 20 years... and do you know where GW ripped it off from? All you have to do is look at the 80's Gundam or anima from that time period and you will be quite astonished. GW has never had an original idea.

    I love the Leviathan Crusader, supported the Kickstarter, and am very happy with the quality and sharpness of the design. I can't believe GW is selling their kit for so much more money then DFG, and DFG clearly has the superior product.

  5. Wow... thank you...

    Seems I owe Wayland Games a pint. ;P

    1. Mark

      I think you may find that Wayland Games have had an axe to grind with GW ever since pressure was put on Beasts of War to sever its close partnership with Wayland.

      Perhaps a side by side comparison could be done between your kits and GW's because I am willing to wager that your kits will look every bit as impressive as what the years of experience has produced by the mighty GW.

      I think you would even win over a few of the fan boys and certainly gain more custom, considering that your kits have the added bonus of being better value for money and are a solid build to boot.

      I believe in giving credit where it is due, and what yourself and Wargames Factory have produced in such a short space of time is quite remarkable.

      I hope you go from strength to strength and get the resources to become a major player in the industry.

    2. Holding them side by side now, I have to say, each kit has it's pros to it. Both are beautifully detailed, both have logical part assemblies.

      The only con of Mark's kit is the lack of a belly plate. MARK! BELLY PLATE NAO!

      The major con of the GW one - utter lack of posing ability on the legs, very limited arm posing.