Saturday, February 1, 2014

I need to get a gallery going...

I keep telling myself I need a customer gallery; so many great paint jobs and conversions out there I just never find the time to search out my customers work.

On the list of things to do early next week. Get a Facebook group going so that my customers have a place to store their works of art and labors of love. I know there are a ton of them I never see and I would love to!

I am wanting to hold contests, voted on by all of you with prizes for the best minis and conversions... While I ponder this and break myself away from modeling. I thought I would show just a couple that have popped up recently.



And this from Blue Table Painting, showing Six! Yeah SIX converted Leviathans.

On the Iron Core front, Precinct Omega should have another update soon with more thought on the direction of the game. and I should be posting more previews of the units that are in production for stage 3 of the Kickstarter.

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