Saturday, February 9, 2013

What our customers think of the new DreamForge kits

This project is far from over and not without oversights and mistakes. There are a few things I wish we would have done differently and a few processes that I need to implement before we move to the next stage. Such are the realities for a small company building a relationship and process with another company a world away.

The Kickstarter orders are starting to make it into the hands of the backers, and the question is what do our customers have to say?

(Quotes pulled from Dakka Dakka, Facebook and the DreamForge Kickstarter page).

 “They are without a doubt the best plastic miniatures I have ever looked at or handled in my entire life of 32 years.
The level of detail is crazy. The level of customization is insane. The Leviathan just is absurdly amazing. A marvelous feat of engineering. Also retail is $120 on it. They will be available for preorder soon but only will ship after all KS backers have received theirs.

Dreamforge and Wargames Factory have absolutely conquered the plastic miniatures market. Renedra and Citadel look like crap compared to these kits.”
“As for future kickstarters, as long as Mark makes pretty models he will continue to receive my paychecks.”
 “Just some first impressions when opening up the boxes:
1) The box is awesome. Great printing and high quality cardboard. Not cheap and flimsy.
2) All the sprues were stacked then sealed in a plastic bag. I liked that touch as nothing is flying around.
3) holy crap that detail. I may have to buy a new sprue cutter because I feel dirty if I touch these models with my tainted pair (used to cut GW)
4) The instructions for the stormtroopers is kind of difficult to understand at first.” (Note: The revised instruction insert did not make it in time for the Kickstarter orders)

 “Braved the snows of Eastern PA to pick up my package of plastic goodness this morning, and I had high hopes for thing, almost too high. But there were the kits, nestled under a crumpled copy of the Deseret News, and all I can say is my hopes were not too high, and Judgedoug  (the first feedback posted) was not overselling things at all.

I literally said "wow" when I opened up my accessory kit: the number of bits is staggering, I mean, I knew on some level the number of items, but to actually see them, as opposed to just numbers, almost incredible! The detail on the models is better than I have ever seen on plastic models, better then I even thought possible.”

 “Mark, just want to give you and WGF kudos for these models and how excellent they fit together! Damn nice miniatures indeed - can't wait to get my Morty.”

 “This afternoon, I received my Leviathan Crusader model kit with Kickstarter bonuses. Very high quality kit with very crisp moldings and sharp detail - easily superior to GW's Gargant. I'm very impressed with DFG's design and WGF's execution & production.”

"I just got my Eisenkern Troopers in today, and I must say; WOW!! These are some of the best molded figures Ive seen in a long, long, time! Clean, crisp detail, flawless join edges, absolutely no warping at all! Just terrific! I had some concern about mold quality, since my Greatcoat Troopers from Wargames Factory were quite disappointing, but these are just stellar! I should have pledged for more sets!!!"

All very high praise; I am more than aware that these are the first glance reviews and that there is a certain amount of excitement in holding something new. I will take the compliment and say thank you again to all the backers who made these kits a reality.
All the best!
Mark Mondragon

Note on assembly:
Please don't use any kind of Superglue... You will simply frustrate yourself on a multi part mini and end up with an inferior build. It does not bond well and it dries too fast to allow you to tweak the pose.

Use Testors model cement, the stuff in the orange tube. Trust me.... You will thank me for it.



  1. I think your company has a bright future ahead of you and a lot of potential too. If you can get a ruleset and more factions out with a solid backround - I can see this making some pretty big waves in time. I seriously think theres potential to be a true rival to 40k (and that's something I think the miniatures market needs right now). Good luck.

  2. Still waiting for my ship notice for my 3 Crusaders, can't wait. I truly hope that your company can make an epic, stream lined game and can force some of the veteran companies to place nicer to their customers.

  3. Hi,

    I received my kitstarter ^^ today, the sprues is magnificent , the magnificent miniatures
    As we say at my home : "chapeau bas"

    Un Grand merci

    Thank you