Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Endless ramblings of a cluttered mind

Mark from the Second Founding podcast, kindly asked if I would be willing to do an interview. Little did he know that I have a rather poor habit of going off on tangents ;) This seems to be a side effect of being stuck behind a computer monitor for twelve hours a day.

We discussed many aspects of the current line, future plans and the Iron Core game system. Please excuse the sound quality, Skype was a little sketchy.

You can listen to the podcast here



  1. Nice interview Mark, was good to get some info on whats going on with the system. Sounds like a lot of hard work doing it all solo, it's pretty impressive.

    As you said, definitely better to get the rules out sooner rather than later, and I really like the modular idea you mentioned. Will be good seeing it fleshed out.

  2. excited for those rules, especially as my eisenkern arrived today. :)

    any guides for proper paint schemes yet mark?

  3. No Painting guides yet, That likely will not be completed until we get to the faction books. You could use the cover art as a color guide but it may look a little flat to you. You cannot go wrong with German cammo patterns from WWII to today, if you wanted a little more color in the mix.

  4. Just came across these awesome looking figures on the Wayland Games Website and was captivated by them so began digging as to how I might use them! So there is a set of rules in the making called Iron Core right and looks as if there is heaps of releases to come. Is this a game like 'Dust' - not that I have played it? Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I am just a flames of war player... Cheers Mark (Auckland, NZ)