Friday, January 11, 2013

First wave release instructions peek

The first stage items will be landing in the US soon. While I work away on the stage three items, I thought I would post up the instruction inserts so you can begin your mental build ;)

Do to time limitations we did not get some of the inserts in the box before they made the sea voyage, the poor folks at WGF Utah will be folding and inserting these into the Stormtrooper sets.



  1. Your instructions are both incredible and insanely well done! I wish more companies would follow your lead here.

  2. I hated making instructions for my old kits. You're a better man than I, sir. They look great.


  3. Thank you guys! Yeah, I dislike the process as well.. By the time you are done with the minis and the box art, instructions are the last thing you want to deal with ;)

    I got lucky with the Leviathan instructions, WGF was kind enough to make them for me.

    We had made so many engineering changes, it made sense to have them build a few right there in the plant and design the instructions based on their experience.

  4. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but is there an approximate date for when the Stormtroopers will be available to order?

  5. Very cool, look to be very clear and straightforward :) I appreciate your post but it is making the wait even harder lol