Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BREAKING NEWS- Eisenkern forces invade Los Angeles!

On Monday, January 21st. Roughly 65,000 Eisenkern troopers supported by a legion of over 1200 Leviathans landed on US soil. Los Angeles California was rocked by an unstoppable wave of destruction.  In related news, a fleet of transport ships have taken up position over Utah and appear to be waiting for the armored spearhead.
What do they want? Why are they here? The only transmission sent by this invading force: “We are the Eisenkern, we have come in peace”.

Cutting a clear path North East, at their current pace and trajectory they are anticipated to reach Utah and link up with their transports sometime next week. The only thing clear to us is that Utah is not their final destination…. 

A coded message has been sent to key personnel (Update# 86) with further instructions. 

Promo shots from Battle:LA copyright Sony Pictures.

Update #86

The cargo container has arrived at the Port of LA and will be making its trip to WGF Utah as we speak.

At this time I would like to make a couple of suggestions. WGF Utah will be printing packing lists over the next couple of days in order to expedite the process. In order to make sure that your pledge rewards arrive at their destinations; (your door step) you will want to follow these easy steps.

1. If you have moved, please update WGF with your new address by emailing them at dfg@wargamesfactory.net so they have your correct shipping address. We will need this ASAP! as they will be finalizing this information early this week.

2. Add the following emails to your contacts list (in whatever email program or mail provider you are using) to make sure that your spam filters do not block the tracking emails of your delivery. We had a problem with some email providers blocking or listing as spam the emails sent from WGF, this step should resolve most of those issues.
The emails you should add to your contacts list:

Thank you again! I hope to post another update soon letting you know that we have begun shipping.

Mark Mondragon


  1. Ha! Awesome news!

    (That film was awesome btw, good choice of images.)

  2. So are you just warehousing here in Utah? I hope some of them are staying here in state. ;)

  3. WGF Utah is the distribution center ;)

  4. We come in peace!! Ha! Funny, that! Great update! I cant wait to get my grubby hands on my little soldiers!!

  5. Peace through superior firepower! Can't wait til they hit the east coast!

  6. Quick question in case I missed it somewhere else . Have the forums been removed?

  7. Hi Dale, not removed... They crashed. I was trying to recover the database files but not having much luck.

    It seems my ISP had an issue when they updated some databases and the forum ended up a victim. Their lack of support was... underwhelming... I am trying to rebuild the forum before we start shipping but all the great input and feedback on the game development was a loss. #$&@!

    Not a happy camper... but it is my own damn fault for not doing weekly backups. That will not happen again.

  8. Hey guys, I pledged during the Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter campaign, so I am unable to access Update# 86... Am I missing anything important?


  9. Sorry about that... Re-published here: below original post.