Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sneak peek of an Eisenkern Heavy Trooper

Still a W.I.P.
Here is one of three troopers for the "heavy" trooper class. The soldier is clad in full power armor and wielding a quad mount machine gun. On his back is an auto-loader system to reload his main weapon as well as a massive power supply for his armor.

There will be three heavy troopers…. More to follow….
TGN has nominated the Leviathan Mortis and Crusader for best vehicle 2011.
If you feel either of these should win, please head over and vote HERE


  1. Damn, looks awesome! I really like the bulkiness and the similarities to the leviathans, especially in the back pack area.

  2. Thanks :) I tried to fold in a lot of the Leviathans in the design to give it some continuity.

  3. That helm is all sorts of cool. The carry over of aesthetics from troopers and drawing down from the walkers is a great balance.

    Bit of a forward lean (talking a degree), and a slight outward twist of the right foot would create a nice "Fighting the recoil - with power armor" look. I've seen recoilless automatics in action, whilst sinister in methodical unhindered violence; seeing a soldier work against his gun just says war.

    Reminds me of a autobiography by a Desert pilot in WW2, he traded up in aircraft, but missed his prior bird. Mostly because the machine guns protruded into the cockpit; when he fired the air reeked of cordite and the clamour of working actions. He was perpetrating violence. Every other aircraft seemed, well.. too civil, despite being "advanced".