Friday, January 27, 2012

Eisenkern Heavy Trooper (Preview) 28-32mm miniatures

I am pleased to introduce the Eisenkern Heavy Trooper. Shown here are the three variants.

On the left, an anti-personnel or AA mount, nothing says suppressive fire like a quad S.A.W.  
Center, is an assault specialist armed with a power sword and wearing the fluted commander’s helm and chest armor.
To the right, a belt fed auto-cannon to deal with that armor problem.

Quad mount front

Quad mount rear

Assault specialist front

Assault specialist rear

Auto-cannon front

Auto-cannon rear

Here is the optional helm for those that prefer a more unified WWII/Weird war feel.

Here is an exploded view. Note the separate arms, head and shoulders… this will allow the modeler to use components from other miniatures to keep a cohesive look to their weapons, no matter what game they choose.

Here is a scale comparison with a Sturmtruppen.

Here is a scale comparison with another manufacturer’s sci-fi mini.

Note: These will be very slightly taller than most 28mm scale at 33.5mm from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head, about 2mm taller than most minis. Not so large as to look out of place on the table but if your eying them form ground level you may see a differance.

When will these be available? I don’t have a date yet but I hope to start the print and mold process ASAP. I will be posting the Eisenkern Sturmtruppen and Kriegsmarine on my web site next month.


  1. Don't like the commanders helmet, so please offer all three head version on the sprue. I might magnitice the QuadMG head and the Stahl head and swap around abit, but the flute head is just "meh" imo. Will be traded for better bits on a bitz-market... ;)

    Love the ammo-belt on the AT heavy, but as someone pointed out on Dakka; Drum-feed might look better and more "usefull"?

  2. Hi Victor, thanks for the input. The bellows visor helm seems to be hit and mis. You will have additional/optional heads included, so no worries there.

    I had/tried a box mag on the AT gun and it was just meh..

  3. Why not connect the ammo belt from the AT gun to the backpack directly?

    So that he has a continous ammo feed, because when you look at it, you can't stop thinking how he does to refeed his weapon during a battle.

    Should'n those kind of troops be like Unstoppable, the kind that never stops, never rests and keep pressing on with a torrent of fire and steel pourring down ennemy lines?.

    A ammobelt feed from the back pack to the weapon should give it a more unstoppable look.

  4. "Why not connect the ammo belt from the AT gun to the backpack directly?"

    The problem is the mold work for the spincaster, the loop would need to be split in order to cast it. spin casting is not he most dimensionally stable process and getting the small parts that twist on two planes to line up properly is an issue.

  5. Very cool, Mark. Looking forward to the 15mm versions!

    -Chris K.

  6. Man I want to PAINT these so badly, your works utterly inspiring to this Big Mek, I got stuff on Deviantart that I build from many parts and kitz, and seeing your units and models inspire greate enthusiasm within my heart and soul. rekindling the fires within me mind to build great things. I managed to get a kit, sadly not from your site atm but from a fellow on ebay unbuilt. but I swear to you friend I will bring justice the best I can to the crusader model with pride <3. and look forward to the models your finally mailing from our support of your mini's! I can't wait to paint them and present them to my DA comunity and friends around the town so that we can support your game and designs!

    with orky thumbs up,

    James L - A.K.A the Big Mek of Bremerton -

  7. James... wow, high praise :) Thank you sir!

    I hope you love the kit and put it to some truly destructive work on the gaming table or a lofty shelf in your model display. ;)

    All the best!

  8. Any idea when these might be available?

  9. Are these available in the UK?

  10. Still waiting for these bad boys..