Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fleshing out the unit choices

Now that the basic troopers are completed, I will turn to fleshing out the other troop choices.

The basic unit org. will have:
·         Riflemen (done)
·         Support weapons (SAW) (done)
·         Grenadier (done)
·         Weapons specialist (Sniper) (done)
·         Medic
·         Communications
·         Forward observer
·         Command (officers)

Here we have a heavy support AT weapon (PAC38 Short) with a coaxial MG53

Here you can see the mods for Support (SAW) and Grenadier.


  1. AT weapon has an awful short barrel for a non-rocket munition. I'd like to see an optional weapon or two for sci-fi skirmishes.

  2. Not really... Look at the Panzer IV F http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Panzer_IV.jpg

  3. Awesome!!! I really hope that this projects sees daylight. I will surely help out through the kickstart project.

  4. I will have a sample of a Kriegsmarine and a Strumtuppen by late next week :)

    Then on to a Kickstarter project and production!!!

  5. Does the weapon fire low velocity explosive shells? Looking back at the early WW2 37mm AT guns, the shortest length I saw was 45 caliber.
    The model just looks different enough from what I'm familiar with :)