Tuesday, May 3, 2011

48 Slots Filled!

Once again, thank you!

I am feverishly working away on the files for the 15mm version. The armor for the Crusader is a challenge. I have to make it integral with the arms and legs due to the thickness of the half scaled parts and the desire to have as few parts as possible in the kit, so we can keep the costs down.

With all the slots almost filled, I am chewing my nails down thinking about my caster and making sure he QC's everything to our expectations... I have done what I can, soon it will be out of my hands and with any luck, I will not need to be contacting him to resolve issues. He runs a big shop and I have been clear about my expectations but it sure is nerve racking to hand off a project that has taken sooooo much time and energy to get it to this stage.

All the best,

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