Monday, May 2, 2011

41 Slots Filled!

A big thank you to my customers and to the hobby sites that picked up the news of this release.

It strikes me, that just fifteen or so years ago a homegrown business would have had a very difficult time reaching interested customers… ahhh the internet :)

And now to a rather embarrassing oversight on my part, a small problem with the Armor Upgrade… As of today, I do not have the Right hand Mauler claw armor or right hand Close combat weapon armor for the Scythe and Sword.
Currently, only the Left hand Mauler claw armor, left hand Sword or Scythe, right and left hand armor for the Vulkan are available. This does not effect the base Leviathan Crusader, as you have seen from the pics, it has the armor it needs to complete the model.
This was an oversight on my part when I had the model printed. I did not have all the armor printed because I did not have the funds available at the time of the initial print to get everything done. I never made the molds for the armor myself so it slipped my mind. With the long delay between printing the model and production, this fact was left rambling around my empty head until today, when I contacted my caster asking him why I had not received copies of these armor components.
I am having them printed now and will need to bench the components to clean them up and make them ready for the molding process. The will likely be ready in 2-3 weeks but I do not want to hold up any orders.
I have contacted the customers affected by this issue and updated the website with this information.

Still working on getting a price for individual arm armor….

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  1. Woohoo! Nine more to go! Come on people, daddy needs a new Crusader!

    Looking forward to hearing what you find out on the individual armor pieces for the arms.