Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Eisenkern Grav-StuG release!


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This kit contains twenty-nine components, three optional main guns, tank commander hatch options and an included Eisenkern tank commander and a flight base for those who choose to build the kit in 'hover' mode.


Please note: You may build this kit in its landed mode or hovering mode. You should choose which before assembly as the landing struts are specific components in the rear or in the position of the front ram/struts.


The three main guns to choose from are:

-Assault Gun

-H.E.L. Cannon (High Energy Laser)

-Long barreled, high velocity anti-tank gun


Tank commanders hatch options:

-Closed (printed as a single drop in component)

-Open for the miniatures of your choosing (with or without hatch doors, included)

-Open with Eisenkern tank commander (with or without hatch doors, included)

*The open with included tank commander and single piece closed can be 'hot swapped' if not glued into place.

Every kit has been professionally printed on an 8k printer and orientated to minimize build layers and ‘support kisses’ that may damage the surface. In most cases any support contact areas have been hidden where they cannot be seen.

Every kit goes through a thorough cleaning and curing process, to provide you with the best kit possible. I use a mix of resins that provide strength and some flexibility while preserving the detail. There is often a balancing between performance and detail retention. I have found a happy median that closely replicates traditional resin kits while not sacrificing the print quality the 8k printer provides.

Each kit is packaged with the greatest care. Every component is individually bagged to prevent rubbing and scarring of surfaces while in transit. The bagged components are then separated into three bubble wrap packs to further protect them and finally boxed in a sturdy retail box which is filled with more packing material all contained in a shipping container... It is my goal that you receive the parts in the same condition, with the same surface quality they were when they were created. All of this takes time and extra expense but I want you to be blown away by the kit once it reaches you.



A note to my customers, new and old. ~

Selling 3D prints is new for DreamForge-Games

Why 3D printing?

Before producing injection molded plastic kits, I used to make and sell resin reproductions in the traditional silicone rubber tooling, but advancements in 3D printers and the reduction in resin costs have made this means of production viable, and provide a result that, in my opinion, exceeds traditional resin kits. My photography skills are limited, but I have included two macro shots, to show the surface quality, just a few years back I could not achieve this quality at a price that would have been feasible for production.

Furthermore, without the large gate and vents to clean up and with judicious use and placement of supports, I can produce a kit that can go directly from cleanup and curing to painting, without the time spent grinding away vents or de-greasing the pored resin so you can paint it.

The cost in time and money is still more prohibitive than pored resin, the cost of consumables such as the vat film, the Isopropyl alcohol, the screen replacement, and the higher resin costs, but it is still manageable.

This kit requires two full print bed layouts to fit all components, totaling about 15 hours of print time per kit. This limits production but it does allow me to ‘work’ while I sleep, or print while I am working on new CAD models… I am not going to get rich this way, but I will get to continue doing what I enjoy and provide all of you with kits, that I hope you love.


Thank you for looking and for your support.


  1. These new 3D resin print options are certainly opening up more ways for product designers to get their stuff out more affordably. Nice to see you are still working on kits for this setting too!
    Will we see a 3D printed Shadokesh range in the near future?

  2. Hi Dai, get out of my head! :P Yeah, that was the next kit on the docket... I am testing out resins for that figure and the special concerns over the staff weapons.

    1. Super excited to read that! My Handler & feral (Can't recall their official names, sorry) duo from your KS years ago need some mates to fight alongside.

  3. Super happy to see you still producing stuff, and the partnership(?) with Wargames Atlantic. Any chance we'll see some of the plastic Eisenkern vehicles making their way to WGA in the future?

  4. Is it possible to purchase the STL to print our own at home? I saw it was an option on the last Kickstarter. I'd love to crank a couple of these out for myself on my Saturn!