Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eisenkern Command Squad and 28mm Scale Right Handed Vulkan Released!

I am happy to announce, two more kits take their trek into the wild.
28mm (1/56) scale. *Cross compatible with Stormtrooper, Panzerjäger and Stormtrooper Accessory Set.
This kit contains command squad elements and special MOS soldiers to round out the skills and abilities of an Eisenkern infantry force.
Kit contains: Ten soldiers and equipment.

  • 1 Platoon Commander
  • 1 Platoon Sergeant
  • 2 Sniper Teams (Sniper and Spotter)
  • 1 Communications Officer, signal relay and Cargo MULE
  • 1 Medic with specialized Triage MULE
  • 1 Forward Observer team with designator, signal relay and Cargo MULE



28mm (1/56) scale Leviathan accessory weapon arm was designed to be used with the fast swap arm option for both the (28mm) Leviathan Crusader and Leviathan Mortis and all other variants that share the same chassis.

The Vulkan Cannon was designed to face down the fast moving and shielded Shadokesh walkers. Placing volume fire against one shield or walking rounds on target make this weapon a valuable asset. The Vulkan suffers from underpowered propellant charges and limited ammunition supply, but nothing can lay down a field of fire like the monstrous Vulkan Cannon.


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