Friday, May 29, 2015

BOLS unboxes the Eisenkern APC (Sale ending soon)

Bell of Lost Souls gives us a walk through and impressions of the Eisenkern APC kit.

"Today we pull the awesome Dreamforge Keilerkopf APC kit out of the box. This is one AMAZING kit – we haven’t seen anything like this level of quality!

Ok, when I tell you this on one impressive kit – I’m not kidding.  This thing has real rubber tires, a FULLY detailed interior, engine compartment, and more.  This is really a high quality scale model similar to what you would expect from Tamiya or Bandai, instead of the typical wargaming fare out there.  Heck, it even has an optional full set of 12 seated passengers! Other companies would probably make that a whole separate kit."

Thank you BOLS!

This kit is currently available for $45.50, retail is $65.00. This sale ends 5/31



  1. Do you plan on making Damaged tanks or dead infantry as terrain or just to buy by chance any time soon? I would love to see your ability to produce such models if the chance ever arises!

  2. Likely no, the cost of tooling hard plastic is very high and the volume of sales generated by items such as these would not meet the minimum requirements to go to injected molding. I would not mind doing them in soft tooling as resin casts but there is so much more that needs to be completed first.

  3. Ah fair enough, another question. Do you plan on introducing tanks for the Eisenkern at some point? I am gathering quite the substantial army of the little guys, but some heavy tanks would do wonders to flesh out the rest of what I have already completed! Seeing how you did such a good job on the transport I get so excited thinking about tanks for these guys! (P.S. I love the transport model it is so detailed and it feels like it is just the right size!)