Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Valkir Heavy Troopers (20 man box set)

Here we have the core Valkir box set. Twenty heavy troopers with loads of options for assembly.

I chose to render the box art with the rear skirt only option 'Hoth style' as I felt it helped differentiate them from the Assault and Support Valkir in appearance. This image also débuts the Eisenkern StuG, this version is the grav assist but there is also a tracked version for you tread heads. (More on that in another update).

I could not resist putting a crushed Mortis under the rubble pile, as the StuG's chose to take it down the easy way, by dropping a building on it ;)

Enjoy the pics!



  1. Troopers look so good! Can't wait for retail release!

    (And StuGs! More on those, please!?)

  2. Whoa!
    As always incredibly good looking figures!

    I can't wait to see more of those StuGs!

  3. Thank you everyone! I will go into greater detail next month on the StuG's but I thought I would give you some information on them to help fill out the fluff portion:

    This is my take on how the floating StuG works; It uses the same technology that is found in the ‘not hydraulics’ of the Leviathans (TR Bands) these are essentially pull push force generators encased in a tube to help direct the force. Far faster than a liquid system and far stronger, an overloaded reactor scan stiffen a Leviathan and tear it apart by supplying too much energy to the field generators.

    The shield on the Crusader uses a field generator to supply a cone of push, the closer you are to the shield, the more concentrated and the stronger the force. The shield is used to slow incoming projectiles and deflect slow moving projectiles as well as pushing back lighter targets or assisting in buffeting away larger ones.

    The StuG uses the same technology to provide lift, when it is low to the ground the cone for each TR band is more concentrated but less power is supplied to the banks of repulsors. In low flight the 40 or so TR bands act as invisible legs, alternating power and direction to provide a firm push from the surface and make micro movements possible as well as stabilization for firing the main gun. The normal operation height is 1 to 1.5 meters, this provides the vehicle a stable/firm/stiff platform and would indeed crush anyone under the vehicle.

    The vehicle is capable of short hops as seen in the render, the TR bands are overcharged and it provides a cone of force that diminishes and widens the higher the vehicle moves from a surface, essentially distributing the weight over a vastly larger area. Someone under a StuG at full lift would feel the force, possibly by knocked over/down but not be crushed by it, those on the edge of the field would be pushed away from its center, knocked aside. At full lift the tank can get about 4 to 5 meter hops, it would be incapable of firing its gun as the lift no longer has firm stability, relying on the six small jets on the rear of the StuG for propulsion. The ride at this height is soft and not very responsive, this is why the StuG is banking, to gain a push surface from the debris and building.

    Running the field at full strength uses a LOT of energy, the StuG does not have a reactor, it is simply too small to house one and upsizing an armored vehicle for a reactor adds too much weight, making the propulsion system impossible with Eisenkern technology. The StuG can operate for about two to three days on its capacitors before needing a recharge. If it spent its time at full vertical thrust, it would likely destroy the TR bands and the operational time would be hours instead of days.

    Its size and relatively thin armor make it an ideal candidate for a grav like assist, much larger and a vehicle would suffer from failures and limited operational times. It was made for the role of supporting the Valkir and has a similar recharge requirement as the Valkir power armor.

    A Leviathan can be used as a recharge point but that is done only when the APC is not present as it is a huge target while standing around acting as a service station and it is also far too expensive a piece of equipment to tie up in this function.

  4. For the Eisenkern, the APC is the center of their ground based military. Four hundred year of conflict with the Shadokesh has left its mark on the equipment and tactics. People, soldiers and citizens are the most important asset. The death toll is in the billions and the Eisenkern are slowly dying off as a people due to attrition. They find themselves more often in a defensive role, evacuating cities or protecting population hubs as the Shadokesh have a ‘burnt earth’ policy in regards to biological infestations.

    The APC and its variants, are not just troop carriers but logistics and supply and recharge points for lighter vehicles and power armor, all the way down to the lowly Stormtrooper and their augmented armor. The APC is more heavily armored than the StuG, their importance on the field is reflective of this. No APC=No power, no supplies, no logistics and no rescue/support stations for trapped citizens.

  5. Would it be possible to get a scale shot with GW Tempestus Scions?