Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bruckenkophf's In Depth Review of the Leviathan Crusader!

Some time back I sent Dennis over at Bruckenkopf the last release of DreamForge kits.

For those of you that don’t know, Bruckenkopf is a premier gaming site over in Germany, they host discussion and review covering all aspects of the hobby. Google translate makes quick work of the site for those of you such as myself, who barely speak our native tongue :)

Last week I sent Dennis an email, asking if he had an opportunity to review the kit, he let me know it would be up in time for the German gaming events circuits that are now making their appearance.

I just wandered over, as I am apt to do, and I was blown away by the review they posted on the Crusader. They said this would be the most comprehensive review in their history… they did not exaggerate…Over 100 pictures and a wall of text, explaining the assembly and his thoughts, good and bad on the Leviathan Crusader.
Here is what Dennis had to say in his closing remarks (translated by Google)
We strive to critical reviews, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the kits, but at best will want nothing struck us out of the stable branches casting / part-approaches some criticism as to the weight. For the Leviathan Crusader we can now certify whether as a supplement to an existing project or as a display model / modeling project, an unqualified buy recommendation.

All I can say is wow! Strap on your google translator and have a look for yourself
Thank you Dennis for such an in depth review!

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  1. Trust zee germans to do a thorough job of the review. Looks like a great site with very readable machine translation thankfully.