Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some shots of the plastic and the current release schedule.

I am currently elbow deep in prepping stage three models for the Kickstarter, I must apologize for not being on top of my emails, as this aspect takes me away from the day to day operations.

I thought it would be best to give an expected release date here so that you have some frame of reference when these kits will be available for general purchase. The Kickstarter backers are my main priority but all the kits will hit the supply chain shortly after the backer’s items have been shipped.

I do not have retail pricing yet, and will likely not have them until each phase is ready to head out the door.

Stage 1 release: February
28mm scale Leviathan Crusader

28mm scale left hand Vulkan

10 man rifle squad

20 man Stormtrooper set

Stormtrooper accessory set

Eisenkern support weapons set


Stage 2 release: March
28mm scale Leviathan Mortis

28mm scale Leviathan weapons

·         Beowulf/Grendel

·         HEL Cannon

·         Nova Cannon

·         Ripper Saw

·         Mauler claw (left and right)

15mm scale Crusader

15mm scale Mortis

15mm scale Leviathan Weapons

·         Beowulf/Grendel

·         HEL Cannon

·         Nova Cannon

·         Ripper Saw

·         Mauler claw (left and right)


Stage 3 release: May

Eisenkern Command squad

Valkir heavy troopers

Heavy trooper support squad

Heavy trooper assault squad

Eisenkern APC

APC upgrade kits

·         Stuka Zu Fuss

·         Zeus
Female Stormtroopers

On to the fun stuff….

Here are some shots of the completed plastics courtesy of WGF China. I will add more shots as they become available.



  1. Am I blind? Can't see female at squad on release schedule?

  2. fantastic stuff, Roll on March ;)

  3. Um... you know I'm going to buy like everyone of your kits thrice over right?

    I don't know what that alien beast master is at the end of the post but I LOVE IT!

  4. Astonishing quality! I like the little sign for the crusader. Looking forward to building and painting up my Eisenkern force!

  5. Mark is the base included on the Crusader?

  6. Yep, base and name tag are included :) I wanted to make something that worked well for the table and display cabinet.

  7. Congratz! The plastics look sweet!

  8. Looks like someone's been watching a lot of Jin-Roh. Those armor designs are spot-on.