Saturday, April 21, 2012

15mm Scale Leviathan Crusader

I will be updating my store this weekend to add these to inventory. These are limited edition (100 models maximum but more likely 60 total kits) I have 39 on hand and these may be the only 5.5" Leviathans that will ever be produced!

New products have been entered into the store! you can see them here!

To celebrate this release, I am offering 30% off all in stock pewter miniatures!!!!


I Have:
39 Crusaders  (base kit as shown)

10 Left leg advancing leg kits (kit comes with right leg advancing)
12 Left hand Vulkan cannons (kit comes with right hand cannon)

18 Capacitor cooler sets (replaces stacks on back )

14 right twist waist hydraulics (kit comes with neutral twist)
12 left twist waist hydraulics (kit comes with neutral twist)

6 Left hand Mauler claws (optional weapon)
7 Right hand Mauler claws (optional weapon)

(NOTE)These will be fairly easy to assemble but you will thank yourself if you have a dremel as the tolerances are very tight on some parts like the arms and spine and stack tops. You can make quick work with a power tool but it can be done by hand if need be. Simply use the assembled pics above and if you get stuck, see below....

Here you can see an unboxing of uncleaned raw parts randomly chosen from stock on hand. There may be some small bubbles here and there but overall these are good castings with fairly thin flash. The problem areas seem to be the fit of some components due to the tolerances being to tight and some thick flash between the upper barrel and the support bar on the Vulkan. Please note, I have pulled out the worst parts and kept the best. I cannot have more made as the caster and I have parted ways. Please be careful building your kit as there will be no replacement parts!


  1. I'm all over this. Yay! Great stuff, Mark.


  2. Awesome! I just ordered, looks like you are out of the extra parts already, me = sad panda.

    But I can't wait to see it along side my 28mm version. As always your work is awesome.

    Jon Paulson

  3. OMG...i am to late for Order....
    shame on me :-(

  4. OMG Becky! Mark please please please tell me that you are going to be releasing those 15mm 'Truppen models also!!

    I will buy a TON of those for my newfound 15mm obsession!

  5. Damn, I forget to check your blog for 3 days and I miss out on a kit like this.

  6. very nice, very attractive design with very clear detail. it looks so real.