Thursday, March 1, 2012

I don’t care; it’s still YOUR fault!

Here are the finals for the heavy weapons squad, created with feedback by…. Wait for it… YOU.

Changes from the originals:
Widened stance on one of the leg sets.
Ankle armor to better ground the mini.
The power weapons are now held with both arms and across the body.
Light AT gunner and quad gunner now lean into the recoil for a more dramatic pose.

With the exception of the power weapons and the ankle armor, not many changes here, just some tweaks and fine tuning.

So the question is, when do I start the Kickstarter? ….. Not quite yet, but soon. I have a surprise for you that I’m working on right now and it (they) will be part of the Kickstarter. I work pretty quick so you should not have long to wait.

Until then, enjoy the pics!


  1. I like both sets. Depending on the price you'll ask for them i could consider join that kickstarter for one or two of these, i like them a lot.

    Congratulations for your great work, i'll keep reading you!

  2. ive been saving up my tips in order to far you are in first.

  3. I am surprised and pleased by how much you listen to your fans. Man that AT gunner looks like he's going to open up with a hail of heavy slugs. Well done sir, well done.

  4. Looks really good. I might need a few of these!

  5. Will there be multiple of each weapon in the kit, or just one of each?

  6. If I were to make any suggestions, I would suggest that you make a Heavy Weapons upgrade kit. I don't know that you're still taking comments, but its and idea. Also, I did like the HEL one handed, although I don't know if others would.