Friday, March 4, 2011

DreamForge-Games Forum Is Now Operational!

With the (hopefully soon) beta testing of Iron-Core it was time to open a forum.
Forum Banner Art

Why a forum when I have a blog? A blog is a great place to post news but when you need feedback or a place to ask and answer more in depth questions, a forum is a far better tool. It also allows me to email all my members with important news such as pre-orders and new product information as well as special offers.
Although the forum is primarily designed for DreamForge products, you are free to discuss any games or minis. As the discussions grow, I will tweak or add boards to allow for easy searches and updates. It has been some time since DreamForge had a forum and I miss the communal exchange of ideas and feedback. The members of the old forum helped to shape Iron-Core and it is my hope that this communal effort will continue and enrich the Iron-Core universe.
Will I still update the Blog? Absolutely! It is still the best place to check for up to the minuet news.
The main DFG website received a face-lift with some new art on the home page and the forum, to give a cohesive design.
Registration is simple and what you are used to. There is one extra step involved after you confirm your email, you will need to log in and review the Terms of Use board and reply to the thread with “Agree” in the reply title if you agree with the terms.  Also, take some time to tell everyone about yourself. Once you have Agreed to the Terms of Use you will have full access to all the forums topics and freedoms.
 If you do not agree with the terms, you may still visit as a guest but may not post to the forum and you will not be part of the mailing list.
I hope you make yourselves at home…

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